‘You Just Sank The Airforce Budget’: JFK Swears at General on the Phone

Here’s a fantastic clip of President Kennedy dressing down an Airforce General after a public relations disaster: a Washington Post feature on an Airforce funded maternity suite for Jackie Kennedy, at Otis Airforce Base.

The $5000 refurbishment (featuring Jordan Marsh furniture shipped from Boston) was photographed with an Airforce attendant standing at the ready.

Unsurprisingly, President Kennedy was fuming. Personal embarrassment aside, if the Airforce could afford this type of expenditure why shouldn’t Congress cut its budget?

JFK called the general on July 25, 1963 to inform him that he ‘just sank the Airforce budget,’ and asked if ‘they were crazy up there?’

He concluded: ‘this is obviously a fuck-up.’